OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

Innovative - intelligent – efficient

Our decades of experience with your brand name!

Manufacturers of measuring machines and companies from the assembly, construction and engineering industries all profit from our OEM services, and the market also appreciates our extensive services in this sector.

We have a high level of expertise in all aspects of contactless measurement technology and offer high-quality precision components for individual, customized innovations.

In a close, cooperative partnership we provide you with our expertise, personnel and logistical resources as well as our infrastructure, specifically tailored to enable the following:

  • We develop partial or complete solutions for you.
  • We effectively integrate existing components from our range into your machines and production processes.
  • We develop and manufacture new components and devices according to your specific requirements.

Strong partner for strong brands!


We see ourselves as both a service provider and a partner to our customers. We know that technical problem solving is only one element of success and therefore cannot be the sole aim. As a result, we always design our work for you in consideration of all of the relevant company structures - with maximum economic efficiency as well the best possible external impact for your company on the market.

  • Your advantages at a glance:
  • Faster to market
  • Project-related core competence
  • Direct access to metrological resources
  • Metrological consulting
  • Complete after-sales service and support for your products

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