PV 600

PV 600 Description

Use of the profile projectors:

Modern measuring projectors from Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik have an outstanding position and set standards with respect to precision, accuracy and durability. Durable quality proven over decades guarantees absolute functionality under any environmental conditions. Whether 2-axis digital display or M2 measurement and analysis software, with or without edge sensor: All the table variants are fully functional without additional accessories, and the intuitive operation of the devices makes long training superfluous. They significantly reduce your non-productive times and conserve your resources.

Outstanding features

  • Sharp workpiece contours simplify precise measurement
  • Sturdy design for reliable day-to-day operation

Variants of the PV 600:

  • PV 600 basic package with 2-axis digital display
  • PV 600 basic package with M2
  • PV 600 basic package with M2 and outside scanning eye

Basic configuration of the PV 600

  • 600 mm projection screen with cross hairs
  • LED transmitted light illumination
  • Template holder
  • Goniometer 360° pivotable, vernier scale 1â??
  • LED transmitted light illumination

Optional equipment for the PV 600

  • 3-lens turret
  • Lateral measuring table with manual pivot axis for tool measurement
  • Digital angle display for the projection screen
  • Telecentric lenses from 5x to 100x
  • Further options available on demand

All illustrated machines may contain options that are not included in the basic scope of supply. Technical modifications reserved.

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