DP 200 / DP 300 / DP 400 / DP 500

DP 200 / DP 300 / DP 400 / DP 500 Description

Fields of application of digital projectors

The management of templates and overlays costs time and money. The new digital projector from Schneider Messtechnik combines the benefits of the proven projector with digital image processing. Simply upload your DXF file to the screen and place it precisely over your workpiece. Once aligned with the workpiece, the drawing moves synchronously with the table movements so that you have the appropriate drawing detail available at all times. But the defining of circles, lines, angle and much, much more at the device also contributes to fast working with the device. And of course we have also integrated corresponding aids that support you in clear edge detection.

Your benefit

  • Integrated overlays, e.g. cross hairs and concentric circles
  • Variable elements such as radii, circles, chamfers, angles
  • Reading in of DXF files in scale 1:1
  • Superimposing of different drawing layers
  • Comparison within seconds
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Portable version
  • Different fixed lenses
  • LED incident light
  • No training necessary

Special features

  • DP software with CCD camera and touchscreen panel PC
  • Digital scales in all travel axes
  • 4 T-slots in upper cross-slide
  • Tabletop version
  • Sturdy granite design
  • Precise, corrosion-resistant measuring table

All illustrated machines may contain options that are not included in the basic scope of supply. Technical modifications reserved.

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