Horizontal measuring projector ST 600

Horizontal measuring projector ST 600 Description

X-Y      650 x 300 mm

Basic configuration
- Projection screen Ø 600 mm
- Goniometer, rotatable through 360° with adjustable vernier 1“
- Diascopic light, 24V 250W halogen lamps, fan cooled, incl. green and cold light filtering
- 10x magnification lens
- Motorised measuring stage in X and Y, runs on high precision needle bearings incl. scales with analogue output
- Max. workpiece weight 200 kg

- Multicount 2000: digital display with integrated optical edge probe and automatic edge recognition. Touching accuracy: +/- 0.001mm. For analysing features on a LCD screen.

Special features, selectable:
- LED episcopic light
- Dark shield incl. curtains
- 20x and 50x magnification lenses

Electrical power supply
220-240V / 50-60Hz

6 months, directly from manufacturer incl. factory certificate

Download data sheet as PDF

Configuration can be customized on request

All illustrated machines may contain options that are not included in the basic scope of supply. Technical modifications reserved.

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