SI 150

SI 150 Description

The new all-in-one solution for simple, automated 3D measurement and inspection

In order to guarantee a high quality of your products, it is necessary to reduce the number of faulty parts in the production process. Until now you have had the choice between offline inspection systems that measure the produced parts with high precision, but only on a random sample basis – or inline measurement systems that measure fast, but with low precision. The innovative optical sensor in combination with the rotating lens movement is the inexpensive entry-level solution for automated 3D digitization. For the first time it is possible here to combine precision and speed in one measuring system. Fully automated measuring routines allow particularly fast and efficient measurement. The integrated concept of the measurement configuration offers the fullest benefits for applications in series inspection and testing. Both the optical sensor and the rotating table for object positioning a fully integrated into the measuring device and are centrally processed. Compared with measurement methods to date with structured light, the newly developed measuring sensor achieves an at least 50-times higher measuring rate with a consistently high measurement precision. This now also offers potential solutions for real-time measurement tasks for the first time.

Precision measurement and inspection of plastic parts and injection mouldings

The SI 150 is particularly suitable for the measurement and inspection of plastic parts and injection mouldings with diameters up to 150 mm. The motorised rotation axis is controlled via a compact operating unit with joystick. The functions range from simple 3D scanning applications, such as for 3D printing, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping right up to comprehensive geometrical and dimensional analysis of parts.

Fields of application and measurement tasks

  • Fault inspection
  • Completeness checks
  • Dimensional tolerances
  • Digitization
  • Target/actual comparison


  • Ultra-fast 3D geometrical measurement
  • Direct geometric checks – in-process
  • Sturdiness
  • Complete 360° measurement

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