V-CAD 80

V-CAD 80 Description

Precise 2D measurements in a matter of seconds.

The V-CAD 80 is a portable, optical video measuring device for the measurement of objects up to 76 x 63 mm.

Fields of application

The V-CAD 80, 100 and 200 models from Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik have been developed to deliver fast and precise 2D measurements. In particular, for profiles made of plastic, aluminium, wood, rubber, rubber-metal and metal or stamped parts of any kind, plates, seals, layouts and plenty of other parts – also in series production.

The high-resolution optics of all V-CAD measurement devices guarantee calibrated coverage free from distortion, with a large depth of field. Meaning workpieces up to 60 mm high can be measured without a problem.

Outstanding features:

  • Unsurpassed measuring speed: measurement and analysis in a matter of seconds
  • Complete capture of 2D geometries in one image field
  • Resolutions in µm range thanks to high-resolution black-and-white CCD matrix camera 

Special features of the V-CAD Series

  • Large image fields
  • No axis movement, no wear?
  • High-resolution camera with precise telecentric lenses
  • Distortion-free calibrated capture range
  • Geometric resolution and capture range are determined by the combination of camera and lens (see Technical data)
  • LED incident light available as an option

Additional highlights of the V-CAD Series

  • 2D digitization und BestFit included in the basis scope of supply
  • Object detection in a matter of seconds as no axis movement is necessary
  • Mobile installation in the production process possible

All illustrated machines may contain options that are not included in the basic scope of supply. Technical modifications reserved.

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