SAPHIR QD Description

Revolution of an innovation

An innovation should start with the first action – not with the result. That is why SAPHIR QD measurement and analysis software can be intuitively operated and provides perfect measurement results with just a few clicks. Simply switch on the measurement device, load the object even without alignment or even the wrong way round – and detection and measurement can start. The report is displayed as an overlay on the live image together with a graphic report. 

Multiple measurements – for all those who want everything at once

Whether multiple identical parts or multiple different parts: With the Multiple Measurement identical (MMI) and Multiple Measurement different (MMD), the developers at Schneider Messtechnik have now also integrated the option of multi-part measurement into SAPHIR QD. And the best of all: The software thinks with you. For this reason, the measurement elements can vary without additional intervention, the software scans all the parts in the measurement range. If a part is loaded for which a programme does not yet exist, the software nevertheless goes to work: Detect contour, create CAD drawing, carry out alignment – measure. In short: SAPHIR QD identifies all the elements to be measured and integrates these into the measuring programme at a click. Measurement technology can be that fast!

Special features of SAPHIR QD

  • Parts can even be loaded the wrong way round. The part is nevertheless recognised and the measurement performed.
  • In addition to single-part measurement, the measurement of multiple identical parts at the same time is possible here (MMi=Multiple Measurement identical), as well as the simultaneous measurement of multiple non-identical parts (MMd=Multiple Measurement different).
  • The software scans all the parts in the measurement range.No quantities have to be entered into the controller in advance.
  • The contour is immediately detected, even if a part is loaded for which there is no existing program. The software aligns the workpiece automatically and saves the image from the measurement camera for part recognition.
  • The measuring programme is automatically created as soon as the dimension arrows are moved to the relevant points of the DXF file.

All illustrated machines may contain options that are not included in the basic scope of supply. Technical modifications reserved.

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