SAPHIR Description

The control centre for your quality assurance

Interface between man and machine

This concept had the highest priority during the development of the SAPHIR 3D measurement and analysis software. The implementation capability into the complete range of multisensor measuring machines, workshop microscopes, optical measurement devices and measuring and profile projectors and the complete integration into existing environments vouch for the high flexibility and adaptability of SAPHIR. Since 1983, the software has been continuously optimised by our development team to meet the changing demands of the market, and new functions are integrated with great far-sightedness. SAPHIR is today one of the most widely recognised products for this field of application. The measurement software certified by the German Federal Institute of Physics and Metrology (PTB) impresses with its clear structure and simple operation. Thanks to its structure, SAPHIR is extremely reliable, highly flexible and offers multisensor capability for universal application.

Cost reduction thanks to multisensor

The detail determines the precision of the whole system – but for the rational measurement of the detail, the choice of the right measurement sensor is absolutely crucial. The SAPHIR 3D measurement and analysis software was designed to meet these demands from the outset and uniquely permits the use of a wide range of sensors in one software package. No matter whether you have to measure coarse of finely toleranced, matt or polished, bright or dark workpieces, the right sensor is available at all times. Black/white or colour camera for incident light and transmitted light measurement, programmable LED sector incident light illumination, tactile or scanning probes (alternatively with swivel head system) or a high-precision measuring laser are the elementary preconditions for purposeful and cost-optimised use of the measuring machine. All the sensors can be automatically changed and employed during the measurement routine without having to stop or change the measuring programme. One software for all sensors – efficient and user-friendly to allow the operator to concentrate fully on the measurement application.


Too short at the back, too long at the front – with 2D and 3D BestFit, you always get things right. Optimum integration of the measured actual data into the 2D target data dictated by DXF. This allows you to make optimum use of the tolerances. As an option, 3D formats such as CATIA, AutoCAD (DWG), 3DStudio (.3ds), Lightwave (.lwo), Step (.stp, .step), RawTriangles (.raw), STL (.stl), VDA (.vda), VRML (.vrml, .wrl), Wavefront (.obj), PDF (.pdf, .ai, .eps) and TXT (.txt) can also be processed. A BestFit is possible with both the 2D model sections obtained and with summarised control geometries and 3D free-form surfaces.

Paperless quality assurance

You’re sure to have heard of it, but have you seen it in reality? Automated reporting ensures documented quality with every measurement – completely without paper! The results can be stored and further processed directly as PDF files via the network in the predefined server locations. These include:

  • Initial sample inspection report
  • Graphic report
  • Test report

Quick learning of the SAPHIR measurement software thanks to workshop-oriented measurement

  • The result is obtained in a small number of steps
  • The intuitive user guidance simplifies learning
  • Circles and straight lines are detected automatically
  • Clearly structured user interface simplifies measurement
  • Quick creation of automated measurement programmes
  • No programming know-how required for creation of the programmes
  • Measuring programmes are displayed in plain text in a tree structure
  • Macros, subroutines and loop programming simplify creation of the programmes for continuous measurement tasks
  • Graphic representation of all measured elements and resulting design of new elements with identification of the measured values 

All illustrated machines may contain options that are not included in the basic scope of supply. Technical modifications reserved.

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