The Rotlay Runners advance at the Frankfurt Relay Marathon

12 Rotlay Runners took their competitive instinct to the next level as they held weekly training sessions over the past twelve months to ensure that they were ready to take part in the "Frankfurt Relay Marathon".

Under the motto "to victory as a team", the team registered in the summer for the relay marathon behing held on 27th October 2019 in Frankfurt.

The Rotlay Runners competed in three teams, with each team consisting of four runners. The total length of the course was 42.195 km - typical for a marathon run.

The Rotlay Runners decided among themselves who would run which distance:
1st runner: 12.9 km
2nd runner: 6.1 km
3rd runner: 9.5 km
4th runner: 13.5 km.

The finish line was reached by all three Rotlay Runner teams and they achieved, among other things, excellent rankings:
Team 1 - 297th place
Team 2 - 298th place
Team 3 - 1159th place.

The Rotlay Runners are also determined to take part in the Frankfurt Relay Marathon again in 2020.
This will take place on the 25th October 2020 and will start at the Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage at 10:35 am.

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