10th company race in Bad Kreuznach a great success

Since the Bad Kreuznach company race was first held in 2010, Schneider Messtechnik and its runners have been an integral part of the Allit Group team at this event. Under the organisational management of Antenne Bad Kreuznach, the 10th Bad Kreuznach company race took place last Thursday, 6 June beginning at 18:30 at the Kurhausbrücke. Over the past few years the number of participants has steadily increased. Last year 4500 runners from over 300 companies took part, this year there were over 5000 participants, making the event a significant highlight in the events calendar for Bad Kreuznach as well as for Rhineland-Palatinate.

Under the annual motto "come together, run together" all participants come together for a mixture of fun, excercise, motivation and community. The focus is on team spirit, creativity and the motivation to present yourself in crazy outfits. For example, the "most original team" and the "largest team" will be chosen, and the top runners among the company teams will receive special awards at the award ceremony.

Every year, the participating runners and the sponsors of the Bad Kreuznach company run donate money to institutions, facilities or clubs that urgently need support. Each individual registration fee includes 1€, which is 100% donated to the annual donation project.
This year the contribution goes to the freelance artists "Die Clowndoktoren e.V.", who regularly organize clown doctor visits in children's hospitals bringing laughter, joy and variety into the lives of the often seriously ill children in a sensitive way. The visits of the clown doctors are financed purely by donations. The sick children can only be visited continuously with the help of donors, supporters and volunteers. The clown doctors are trained for their sensitive tasks and subject new patients to a clown nose transplant and thorough laugh test. In the past the soap bubble treatment and the strawberry pizza on prescription have proven to be particularly beneficial.
The regularity of the clown doctor visits is particularly important for sick and seriously ill children, as well as the healing effect of laughter and humour. Many of the young patients know exactly when "their" clown doctor will be back and look forward to it. However, it is often the parents who await the visits of the clown doctors to temporarily scare away the fear and pain.

"Doing good together" is our goal! We are getting fit for 2020 and preparing ourselves, because AFTER THE COMPANY RACE IS BEFORE THE COMPANY RACE and on 04.06.2020 we want to be back in the starting blocks, because that's where the 11th Bad Kreuznach company race will begin.

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