Time for uncompromising precision

Even in the clock and watch industry, the age of automation has long since arrived. The most delicate production parts, frequently made of precious materials such as platinum or gold, have to be manufactured with maximum precision and perfection. In the luxury watch segment, however, the machines need assistance: Here the dexterity and judgment of the watchmaker still make a vital contribution to the quality of the product. Precision down to the last detail is needed in the various production processes in order to consistently meet the high demands of many ultimate customers. In other words: Schneider Messtechnik.

The ultimate in measurement technology

The best watchmakers in Switzerland and Germany have been relying on our workshop microscopes and measuring machines for many years. The reasons are obvious: Even the smallest components such as winder, bezel or spiral springs can be measured with micrometer precision. Our universal 3D multisensor measuring machines in combination with the interfaced SAPHIR software allow all the measurement points to be exactly defined for different calibres, shapes and materials, and hence reproducible standards to be established. Automatic protocols give the additional assurance that every single part is always measured at the same point and with the highest precision.