With precision into the future

Thanks to its strong development dynamics, medical technology is regarded as one of the ten cutting-edge technologies of the 21st century. The manufacturers of optical and medical technology products bear great responsibility here. Development and production demand a great deal of delicacy – but also a high level of precision. We at Schneider Messtechnik accept this responsibility – and guarantee you precision down to the last detail.

Technology that serves the people

Our 3D multisensor measuring machines and V-CAD measurement devices allow practically all sizes, shapes and surfaces of medical and optical products to be very precisely scanned, measured and analysed. High-precision results, universal applicability and uncomplicated in use, our measurement technologies impress in the most varied sectors of industry. They allow you to easily test various materials such as titanium, plastics or ceramics and measure the whole spectrum of medical devices and products – from syringes, cannulae and insulin pens through bone milling cutters and screws right up to hip and knee joint or other implants. Our measurement technology gives you the right perspective also during the development and testing of your optical devices – irrespective of whether you are examining single parts and components such as rings and tubes, or complete optical systems such as microscopes and cameras.

Conformity guaranteed

Strict legal provisions and regulations of the national and international markets apply in medical technology. Our CONFORMITY administration interface supports you here in complying i.a. with the FDA regulations according to 21 CFR, Part 11 demanded in the USA.